James Blake’s ‘Friends That Break Your Heart’ Offers an Emotional, Unique Take on Heartbreak

The ever-so-talented James Blake is back with his fifth full-length record, "Friends That Break Your Heart." The album, which released earlier this month, is an emotional, elegant collection of ballads that refer to something that not many celebrities — or people — talk about — the heartbreak of losing a friendship. Blake released three singles [...]

Best Portland Albums of 2020

This year brought many speed bumps for us all. Portland, my hometown, in particular, experienced countless ups and downs. At one moment we were allowed everywhere with face masks and social distancing, then the next thing you know everything is shut down. We even lost a few bars and restaurants along the way (one can [...]

My Favorite Albums of 2017

With a year full of face-palm political headlines, unbelievable violence and hundreds of sexual assault accusations coming to light, there’s no doubt that most of us are looking forward to putting 2017 behind us. But luckily, 2017 did bring some good to the world - a few iconic albums, that is. While there are many [...]