James Blake’s ‘Friends That Break Your Heart’ Offers an Emotional, Unique Take on Heartbreak

The ever-so-talented James Blake is back with his fifth full-length record, "Friends That Break Your Heart." The album, which released earlier this month, is an emotional, elegant collection of ballads that refer to something that not many celebrities — or people — talk about — the heartbreak of losing a friendship. Blake released three singles [...]

!mindparade’s Genre-Bending Sound Proves True in its Upcoming Releases

Photo credit: Rose City Review. Neo-psychedelia, prominent synthesizers, fuzzy guitars, melodic strings, cozy campfire vibes and inter-dimensional aliens are just a few ways to describe !mindparade and the band's upcoming studio releases. What started as a musical project in 2011 for frontman and band mastermind Alex Arnold in Bloomington, Ind., has now morphed into the [...]

Songs to Cry to

Maybe I'm adding to my own misery or maybe I'm just seeking a connection, but I always find myself turning on my "sad songs" playlist whenever I'm feeling down. There's just something about knowing that there's someone else out there that is (or at one time was) going through similar emotions that makes you feel [...]