Ty Segall Gives us an Easy Listen with his Latest, ‘Harmonizer’

Ty Segall started posting subliminal videos on his Instagram just days before he surprised fans and dropped his latest album “Harmonizer” on August 3. “Harmonizer” is his latest solo album since 2019’s “Pig Man Lives: Volume 1.” It includes contributions from The Freedom Band, and vocal contributions and album art by his wife Denée Segall.

Segall could be categorized as a psych rock artist, and this album definitely highlights his ability to play heavy rifts backed by a head-banging drum machine. But on the other hand, this album provides an easy listen for fans and new listeners alike.

“Whisper” shows off a slow, grooving beat with a heavy rift that chimes in at the 30-second mark. Segall lays down his staunch vocals backed by The Freedom Band, making for the best song on the album. Another highlight from the album is the last song, “Changing Contours.” This one is a little different from Segall’s usual rock sound, with a more of a dancey vibe that you can’t help but bob your head or shake your hips to.

Overall, this album provides an easy listen front to back, all with an obvious sound theme, stemming from heavy rock to indie rock.

Ty Segall and the Freedom Band are heading out on tour this fall/winter. Catch them in a city near you.

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