So Long, Dream Job

Sadly, due to COVID-19 and the uncertainty of the music industry, I was permanently laid off from my position as the Music Marketing Coordinator at McMenamins this week. My short six months in this position were incredible – making great relationships, learning the ins and outs of music marketing and doing something I truly love every day. I really saw this position as a potential forever.

This job was very exciting and kept me on my toes. There was nearly a show every night at three plus venues that McMenamins owns – and that’s not even to mention the free, intimate shows happening every night at most of its bars and restaurants. For every ticketed show, I was designing and writing at least three newsletters, coordinating a newspaper advertisement, creating week-long Instagram and Facebook paid advertisements and much more. I had also just begun managing the Lola’s Room shows on my own, which included coordinating the marketing budget for each show in agreement with the band/artist’s management team. Lastly, just weeks before my team and I were temporarily laid off, we had met to begin our marketing plan for the psychedelic stoner music festival, Sabertooth. This year would have been its sixth year running. Though on paper it sounds like an incredible festival, it had had trouble really taking off in the past. So, with fresh stars in my eyes and adrenaline in my veins, my team gladly handed the management role over to me. This was something I was really excited to take charge on, since I was loving my job, I love music festivals and I love psych rock. Unfortunately, it looks like I’ll have to save my grand ideas for another year, or maybe even another festival.

I in no way blame McMenamins for doing what they had to do in these strange times. With that being said, please support your favorite artists and concert venues however you can. Purchase merchandise and gift cards, write a Yelp review and vote for representatives that are in favor of the Save Our Stages Act and RESTART Act. Many of our favorite venues are suddenly in jeopardy of no longer existing because of something that we could have never saw coming. Although I would do anything to get my job back, more than that, I would do anything to get live music back. Stay strong, friends.

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