Sasquatchin’ In Style

With three Sasquatch! Music Festivals under my belt, I was bound to feel like a seasoned veteran for my fourth time around. Knowing the lay of the land, managing food and bathroom breaks in between shows and smuggling alcohol in was a breeze. But this year, I also experienced Sasquatch! in a whole new light. Being able to watch Grizzly Bear’s performance from the sound booth, receiving endless free drinks, using a real bathroom and skipping the security check lines with my VIP pass made me feel like I was living in luxury.

All thanks to my boyfriend, whose friend is the sound engineer for Grizzly Bear, we got to take in Sasquatch! as if we were in a band ourselves. We even got asked multiple times which band we were in! One of my favorite moments from the festival, aside from the music of course, was when we bumped into Vince Staples in the VIP lounge. My boyfriend went up to him for a quick banter about his song, “Dark Room” with Dilated Peoples. After a quick exchange, he introduced himself to me and said, “Dustin’s pretty cool, hang on to him.” Dustin didn’t let that down all weekend, and I don’t blame him.

I’m lucky to have a boyfriend that loves music just as much as I do, maybe even more. Especially when it comes to artists we have never heard of before. However, between the two of us, there were only a few artists that we saw that we were unfamiliar with, including Phoebe Bridgers and Lizzo. The rest of our time went to artists both or one of us had already had a liking to. Some of my favorites were Modest Mouse, David Byrne, Anderson .Paak, Pond and Tune-Yards.

Modest Mouse
I’ve seen this band fives times now, two times being at Sasquatch!, but I can never get tired of it. Isaac Brock and company took the main stage Saturday night and played probably my favorite set I’ve ever witnessed by them. Not to mention, they had fireworks. Picture this: Modest Mouse boasting an amazing set on the Columbia River Gorge at dusk with fireworks. Amazing, right?

David Byrne
Of course I’m a Talking Heads fan. I mean, who isn’t? But seeing David Byrne on the lineup, I expected him to play mostly solo material. So, prior to the festival, I listened to his catalog and felt it was a little mellow for my taste. But to my surprise, he hit the main stage playing mostly Talking Heads songs with a full dancing band. It was the best dance party I’ve been apart of in a while.

Anderson .Paak
My rap knowledge hasn’t been as strong as my other genre interests lately, so I had heard of Anderson .Paak, but wasn’t familiar with his music. He closed out the weekend and sure put on a show. I was mostly impressed by his random rap and drumming abilities. That definitely makes him standout in the rap genre.

Tame Impala happens to be my favorite band. So, when I saw that Pond (Tame Impala’s touring members minus lead singer Kevin Parker) was coming to Sasquatch! I made sure I would be front and center for their set. They put on a kickass show, complete with lead singer Nicholas Allbrook’s high kicks. They played a few of my favorite songs, along with a few that I was unfamiliar with. I am looking forward to seeing them again in October for Desert Daze.

Although I was unfamiliar with Tune-Yards, my boyfriend said it was one performance we couldn’t miss. And boy am I glad we didn’t. Being one of the most unique artists I’ve ever seen live, it was bound to be a dance party with loop pedals, a ukulele and percussion leading the way. Not to mention the lead singer Merrill Garbus’ soothing yet boastful vocals. I will definitely be seeing them again when they come back through town in October.

Although I figured Sasquatch! would be similar to the last three years with maybe just a different adventure around the corner, I got much more than I bargained for. And now that I’ve experienced Sasquatch! in style, it’s hard to imagine going back to anything different.

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