King Krule: Worth the Wait

I have been a fan of King Krule since his 2013 full-length album, “6 Feet Beneath the Moon,” and have since awaited to see him live. Considering his latest release, “The OOZ,” hit shelves last month, a tour has been a long time coming. Plus, I bought tickets to see Archy Marshall the day they were released back in August. Well, let me tell you, it was worth the wait.

King Krule’s deep, gritty voice filled the Wonder Ballroom with enchantment as he played songs from his two albums under the same moniker. To my surprise, he mostly played songs from “6 Feet Beneath the Moon,” and not the reason he’s on tour, “The Ooz.” He even ended the night with an encore performance of one of my favorites, “Out Getting Ribs.” “The Ooz” gained positive reviews for the most part, including one from Pitchfork, but perhaps it doesn’t translate well to the stage. “The Ooz” is much more dark and dreary than his first album. And a few of the songs from “The Ooz” are interludes, whereas “Out Getting Ribs” created a fun most pit, something most concert-goers enjoy every now and again.

King Krule’s show went by in a blur for me. Although he played all of my favorite songs, old and new, the show came and went before I knew it. Perhaps because of the big build up to see his performance. Hopefully the next won’t be so long awaited.