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My Tame Impala Curse was Finally Broken

Well, the day finally came. 548+ days since I had been to a show. If you know me, that was a VERY long time for me. Back on March 13, 2020, I flew to San Francisco to see my favorite band, Tame Impala, play at the Chase Center. As soon as I landed, I got […]

Ty Segall Gives us an Easy Listen with his Latest, ‘Harmonizer’

Ty Segall started posting subliminal videos on his Instagram just days before he surprised fans and dropped his latest album “Harmonizer” on August 3. “Harmonizer” is his latest solo album since 2019’s “Pig Man Lives: Volume 1.” It includes contributions from The Freedom Band, and vocal contributions and album art by his wife DenĂ©e Segall. […]

Dry Cleaning Brings us Some Real Good ‘Nonsense’ with ‘New Long Leg’

What is Florence Shaw even talking about? No one can be too sure, except perhaps herself. But there’s something about her monotone, very British talking voice that draws you in on Dry Cleaning’s debut record, “New Long Leg.” You wouldn’t expect such a stagnant singer to front such a noisy band, but that is what […]