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Dry Cleaning Brings us Some Real Good ‘Nonsense’ with ‘New Long Leg’

What is Florence Shaw even talking about? No one can be too sure, except perhaps herself. But there’s something about her monotone, very British talking voice that draws you in on Dry Cleaning’s debut record, “New Long Leg.” You wouldn’t expect such a stagnant singer to front such a noisy band, but that is what […]

Songs to Cry to

Maybe I’m adding to my own misery or maybe I’m just seeking a connection, but I always find myself turning on my “sad songs” playlist whenever I’m feeling down. There’s just something about knowing that there’s someone else out there that is (or at one time was) going through similar emotions that makes you feel […]

Sunday Spins: Black Sabbath’s “Paranoid”

Black Sabbath’s “Paranoid” was my first ever vinyl purchase. Before I even knew I would go on to inherit my mother’s vintage record player, I knew I would eventually own one. While camping near Sisters, Ore., a few years ago, my parents and I stopped in the many antique shops in the small Central Oregon […]